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Becky Installation 4.JPG

Is It Safe, 2017


Is It Safe premiered at the Boundaries 0.1 exhibition alongside nine other emerging artists work. The audience weaves through abandoned scenes from the film; kitchen appliances are laid out on picnic blankets and hairdryers rest on barbeques. The film is projected onto the back of a miniature kitchen, the drawings from the film strewn across the tiled floor.


Becky Installation.JPG

The film runs on a loop as the scene lays abandoned. A radio crackles between two public service announcements. They offer advice on home safety and outdoor summer safety. A young girl sits doodling on her kitchen floor, listening intently. Her imagination is sparked. The radio signals blur. Twisted warnings are conjured up in crayon fantasy. We fuzz across the boundary between mind and world as safety instructions become life-threatening.


Becky Installation 2.JPG

You can view the full film here


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