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Fragments and Gestures, 2018


In collaboration with National Galleries of Scotland and Edinburgh College, Fragments and Gestures responded to NOW, a series of six exhibitions that showcased contemporary art from Scotland, the UK and internationally.


NOW featured the work of Jenny Saville, Sara Barker, Christine Borland, Robin Rhode, Markus Schinwald, and Catherine Street. Working closely with Robyn Gracie, a dancer from Edinburgh College, together we designed a costume and piece of choreography that directly responded to the work of Jenny Saville.  Touching on her themes of the body and plastic surgery, our work aimed to be interchangeable; the costume leading the movement and vice versa.


Layers of the costume were reversible and removable, never remaining the same. The fabric was digitally printed with a hand-painted design inspired by Jenny Saville's paintings. Robyn's choreography adapted to the audience, as she weaved her way in between them. The dance was an interactive experience in which the audience were offered elements of the costume to take away.


A short film created during the rehearsals for the performance can be viewed here

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