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Becky Hollis

Becky Hollis trained at London College of Fashion, where she completed a Foundation Degree in Art & Design, followed by a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design: Womenswear. She later completed a Masters Degree in Costume Design at Edinburgh College of Art in her home town of Edinburgh.

Becky currently resides in Scotland where she works in the Film & TV industry as a Costume Standby.

Throughout the years Becky has created a variety of concept & fashion films to accompany her design work. Her films explore topics and themes such as; duality, isolation, safety, and haunting.

A nocturnal scholar of Horror cinema, Becky references horror in almost all of her work.

"I like to take my fashion and costume designs into a grainy, nostalgic and eerie world. A world where you see the beauty and the horror all at once."

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